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A Taste of Paradise!

Straight out of the Island...

The origin of AfroBites lies amidst the breathtaking picture-perfect beaches, sunny weather, rich culture, spices, and flavorsome tropical fruits of Zanzibar Island. 

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The tropical climate and fertile soil make the island home to a variety of delicious, exotic, and superfruits like jackfruit, durian, soursop, rambutan, coconut, and more. Anyone who gets to visit Zanzibar leaves with the sweet memory of the aromatic and mouth-watering fruits of the island.

Despite the demand, larger volumes of fresh fruits go to waste every season as a result of their highly perishable nature. According to recent data, farmers on the island lose almost 45% of their harvest due to careless handling, lack of basic infrastructure and processing technologies, inadequate transportation, packaging, and lack of storage systems.

Our Solution!
Our Products!
Through an innovative and sustainable fruit drying process, we reduce the post-harvest loss in our communities while prolonging your favorite fruits' shelf lives.

Our solution allows us to make delicious tropical fruits accessible all season long. Our Products are all natural, sweet, flavorful, chewy, and healthy, and come in different sizes of eco-friendly packages.

AfroBites is more than convenience!   
Team AfroBites
Our story at AfroBites started when one of our co-founders discovered the magnitude of the post-harvest loss of fruits across East Africa's value chain.

We came together with years of experience in agribusiness and social entrepreneurship from Ethiopia and Zanzibar, to realize more sustainable ways of consuming our foods.

We believe it is high time we take responsibility. We chose not to be bystanders and went off to the field to create all natural health snacks from locally sourced fresh fruits! 
Meet Our Co-Founders
Team AfroBites.jpg
Woukianos Fikrou, Fiker Ashenafi, Said Seif (from left to right)
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